Finding the Perfect Funeral Flower


When death happens, it has never been so easy to comfort those who grieve. It is already hard what to say. Let alone, what kind of funeral flowers should be sent. What kind of funeral flower should be sent to a relative? What about to someone you are not related? Maybe someone you have not met personally.

As time passes by, norms and traditions always change. Along with such, the availability of flowers has also developed. Aside from the conventional designs, mourners nowadays appreciate the ability to ask for arrangements that are not so typical. Something like more drastic or personalized.

Another change that has happened in funerals is the increasing number of cremations. When a cremation usually takes place, it is customarily decided to have a formal neurological service. On the other hand, a small private gathering can be done at the home of those who are bereaving. For some, they prefer not to have one. Regardless of the circumstance, you can never go wrong in sending funeral flowers.

Now the question is, what is the appropriate funeral flower? Keep in the mind that the flower you choose will show what kind of relationship you had with the person. Was he a love of your life? A family, maybe? Here are 8 of the most common funeral flowers with their corresponding symbols:


Carnations are commonly used in funeral wreaths and standing prays. Like other flowers, each color has a meaning. Red means affection while white means innocence. If you are attending a Catholic or another Christian funeral, pink carnations is your best option. That is because they believe that carnations are out of the tears of the Virgin Mary.

In addition, skilled florists use carnations to create personalized arrangements. Sport logos and favourite hobbies are a few examples.

Chrysanthemum or Mums

Far cry from other flowers, the meaning of chrysanthemum is different around the globe. If you are in America or Europe, it means sympathy and honour. If the color is red, it means love. If it is white, it means innocence.

If you are in Asia, it means rebirth. As such, it is given more often in baby showers.


If you want an assortment of flowers, then hyacinth is usually arranged in this manner. When this flower is given, it means you are including those who are bereaving in your prayers. It also means deep agony.

However, be careful not to scorn. For this flower also means sports and games.


It is not widely known what this flower means. However, many suppose that it epitomizes real, cordial emotions.


Did this situation ever happen to you? You walked into a place and someone tells you, “This place smells like a funeral home”. 100% of the time, there is a lily within the proximity. Lilies are also known as the go-to funeral kind of flower. The strong scent of this flower exhorts that the deceased to a better place — in a state of serenity and innocence.

For Christians, this flower also signifies cleanliness, purity, and brilliance of the soul. It is regarded that the tomb of the Virgin Mary was covered in Lilies.

Peace Lily Plant

Comparable to its related flowers, the peace lily plant means virtue and rebirth of the soul of the deceased from this complicated world to a better place. Another good thing about this plant is it can last for a while. Hence, it can be displayed in a home or an office after an interment.


Regardless of the color, the global meaning of orchid is I will always love you. In addition, orchids are not just for funerals. It also makes a good gift for it lasts a while in an office or home environment.


In terms of giving flowers as a gift, you can never ever go wrong with roses. Roses are classic! They are very usual and applicable as funeral flowers. Be reminded however, that each color has different significance. When giving roses as a funeral flower, deep red means love and grief. As for the yellow roses, it means friendship. Thus it signifies the bond. Dark pink roses on the other hand suggest gratitude to the deceased.

In a casket spray, standing spray or wreath, it is appropriate to combine roses with other flowers.

So which kind of flower should be chosen for a funeral? There are a few factors to consider. However, it mostly based on your relationship to the deceased. Here are a few illustrations:

1.  If you are closer to the bereaved than to the deceased, you may get a floral basket or living plants.
2.  If you have a formal relationship with the deceased, you may give them a sympathy basket.
3. If you are not acquainted with the deceased, you may purchase floral wreaths, crosses and sprays. One exception however, is if you want to honour the deceased for their service when they were still alive.


Important Advantages And Disadvantages In Planning A Funeral Cremation


During the ancient times, planning a funeral cremation was done with a pyre. It served as the most decent way to honor the dead. A pyre is a heap of combustible materials to burn the dead person during the funeral rite. Today, burning the dead is done in a discreet and modern way. Simply contact the nearest funeral parlor offering cremation.

burial-life-insuranceThe idea that Stone Age people abandoned their dead was completely deleted when a discovery of cremated bones shed light to the history of ancient burial practices. The discovery in Landford, Essex (Britain) when a pipeline excavation was underway, was thought to date way back to 5,600BC. Therefore, today’s cremation is not new at all; this burial rite is very primitive!

Advantages and Disadvantages

Thoughts are divided about cremation. Some people are against it; others are very positive. Reasons are practical on both sides but if you’re caught in a dilemma; a few advantages and disadvantages of the process may help in making a decision. Take note that if it is the wish of the person that died is to be cremated, no matter what – you have to go for that wish as respect.

The 4 Advantages

frame1. Cremation provides flexibility. A dead body is perishable. If cremated, you don’t have to make rush decisions about ceremonies and budget.
2. You can carry the remains in the urn anywhere. If family members are living far from each other, you can set the funeral ceremony in an accessible place for everyone.
3. You can take the urn with you or wherever your relative that died wished. There was a family wherein the 12 children (now all with their own family) take turn in bringing the urn to their homes one after the other.
4. Last but not the least; cremation is cost effective. You wouldn’t buy the coffin, a piece of land in the cemetery, no burial expenses and tomb maintenance fee.

Top 4 Disadvantages

1. A cremation service is not always available in every funeral service provider. Cremation facilities are costly, that’s why some funeral homes use and pay for your cremations while it’s done in another place.

2. It’s a sensitive decision to make. Members of the bereaved family may not settle unanimously specially if it wasn’t the wish of the person that died. Religious considerations may stand in the way.

3. You must accept that you would not have any place to visit and remember your dead loved ones. Going to the cemetery on all souls day serves as a family reunion.

4. For the sensitive – you may imagine the gruesome process of burning the body of the person you love. You may not want to bring a child or your kids to the crematorium to learn about the process; not yet.

The Verdict

image_019Do you believe cremation is toxic? It produces carbon emissions and a serious pollutant-mercury. However, some people consider cremation more environment friendly than burial because the coffin is also a major contaminant. Countries’ laws have regulations that equip cremators with filters to remove mercury-the prime pollutant. There are also crematoriums that offer coffins made from light recyclable board to lessen emissions.

The traditional burying of the dead requires a large space considering the size of the coffin made from different materials which can be polluting the environment also. Burial is often preferred by the conservative and sensitive genre, but more and more people today still choose cremation when it comes to savings, flexibility, accessibility and environment friendliness. Find answers to your questions at: